Wiltwyck Quilters’ Guild Policies

Wiltwyck Quilters Guild Policies
January 2019

1.  For a lecture and/or class given by a guild member, payment is as follows:
Lecture: $100
Class: $150
Expenses:  paid by receipt

Any guild member who is a profession will be paid her/his standard rate, with refusal rights.
Fees requested in excess of the above must be approved by the program committee and/or the Board.

2.  Payment for classes/workshops are due at the time of registration.  Checks made out to Wiltwyck Quilters’ Guild are preferred.  If you are unable to attend, contact the Program Chair.  If there is a waiting list, and your space can be filled your fees will be refunded.  If there is no waiting list, you can try to find a replacement.  If you find a replacement, contact the Program Chair.  There is no refund if the space is not filled and you do not attend.  In the event of extreme circumstances please contact the Program Chair.  (This will be added to registration form and posted on website.)

3.  In-House workshops:  Expenses will be covered upon receipt of bill.

4.  Guests will be charged $5.00 to attend a lecture.


1.  All committees will have a chair, co-chair and members.
2.  Committee chairs will submit a written report annually in June.
3.  Term limits for chairs of Special and Standing Committees (as listed in the By-Laws) are three (3) years.  A one (1) year extension may be approved by the Board.  Terms run from July through June.
4.  All income from a committee needs to be reported to the treasurer monthly.  (Committee sign-up will be on the membership form).


1.  As a need arises unbudgeted items will be approved by the Executive Committee.
2.  Members who host speakers will be given one free class and dinner with the guest.