Guild Challenge 2024

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” ~ William Shakespeare 

Think of all the names you know, how many of them relate to flora and beauty in your life? Maybe you know a Holly, Rose or Lily. And of course there may be, Violet, Daphne, and Veronica. Or maybe an Ivy, Daisy, or Marigold.

This year our Wiltwyck Guild Challenge is to create something using a block that is based on flora (flower/plant) that also has a person name in it (in any language). You might decide to create a miniature key tag, a tote bag or wall hanging, or go all the way up to a king size quilt. Maybe you decide to create a whole garden! Let your imagination run wild through your fabric stash!

Challenge: Flora (Flowers/Plants) that are People’s names

Size: Anything 1” or larger

Create: anything from one block (or more) 

Style: Any (Traditional, Modern, Improve, EPP, foundation pieced, crazy to name a few)

Pattern: Your choice

Finish date: Fall Zoom meeting- October 19, 2024

Happy creating ~ Grace Moone

Some links provided by guild members to start the creativity!