Member Led Workshops

May – Member led
Below is a quick little bit about each, please let me know at if you would like to participate. 

Pat’s workshop
– Inset Circles
Supply list to bring:
6 1/2” square background fabric (frame). 
 6 1/2” square coordinating fabric for the circle.
Sewing machine with zipper foot on (prep before meeting)
glue (washable, non-toxic glue  (quilter’s glue pen,, Aileens’s or Elmer’s School Glue liquid). Does NOT need to be permanent.  I will bring a couple for your use, so you don’t need to go buy one if you don’t have one.)
paper scissors
fabric scissors
small ruler – 6″ sq sufficient
Optional – if you have it, a small iron with pad for your use to reduce wait time for irons – We have our normal class ones for use
Note:  bring more sets of fabric to make more circles if you want – they make up quickly. 

Here is the pdf of instructions – links to online directions in this file with plenty of how-to pictures and video.

Te’s workshop – Mini Basket approx. 4”x 3.5”
Te will be making reed kits for you but you will need to bring the following.
An apron w chest coverage or an old t-shirt
A small old towel
A spray bottle
We will also need a couple of water basins for the tables.