Student Scholarship Initiative

Volunteer mentors from 7 districts have stepped forward for the student scholarship initiative.   We’re nearly 1/3 of the way there, since our guild members cover 22 school districts.   Invitation letters will go out this week to those 7 districts.  
The districts are listed below.  The ones with asterisks are districts for whom we already have mentors.  (Note:  if you volunteered for Onteora, please contact me since I didn’t write your name down!).  
Cairo-Durham, Catskill, Germantown, Gilboa-Conesville, Hudson, Hyde Park, Kingston City**, Kingston Catholic**, Margaretville**, Millbrook, New Paltz, Onteora**, Poughkeepsie, Red Hook, Rhinebeck, Rondout Valley**, Roxbury**, Saugerties**, Sullivan West,  Wappingers, Webetuck, Windham-Ashland-Jewett
Please consider signing up for your district as a mentor.  You would be responsible for connecting with the student, answering any questions they may have about the guild, and forwarding any questions or concerns to me.  Easy job!  Great PR for the guild, and a help for the students.  Email me if you’d like to hop on board. 

QCNYS Quilt Challenge Call for Entries


Still Crazy After All These Years


2018- 2019 QCNYS Quilt Challenge

Click here for Entry Form

The QCNYS Board is pleased to invite you to participate in a themed challenge.

In keeping with the goals of the Travel Club the quilts resulting from the challenge will be made available to member guilds for exhibition at quilt shows in 2019 and 2020 and be included in the Best of NY Quilt Show in September 2019.

Participation is limited to those who belong to QCNYS in any membership category including all members of Member Guilds, Individuals, Non-profit or Business. 

Title: Still Crazy After All These Years

•. The challenge is open to your interpretation of crazy quilting. Go crazy!

•. Will it be traditional or modern?

•. Will it be hand-embellished or machine-embellished?

•. Embroidery or not?

•. Never made a crazy quilt? Go crazy and enter the first-time crazies category!

Theme: Explore and celebrate the diversity crazy quilting

Categories: Traditional, Modern/Contemporary, Art, and

                    First-time Crazies (beginner, never entered a quilt in a show or challenge)

Eligibility: Entrants from all QCNYS membership categories – Guild members, Non-Profit, Individual or Business member. 


•  Must be a minimum of three joined layers

•. All entries shall be 24” x 24” square (will allow a ½” difference but prefer exact size).

•. 4” minimum Sleeve must be securely applied to back of quilt; sleeve must allow for the
use of hanging rod without distortion on the quilt and must not show beyond the edges of
the quilt.

•. Label with the following information must be securely applied to bottom: Title of piece, Name and Address of quilter, Title of exhibit, Date Completed

•. Entry form must accompany completed quilt

Note: Quilts that do not meet labeling, sleeve and packaging requirements will not be accepted. 

In the interest of assisting compliance with these needs, the December 2018 Quarterly Membership Meeting will include a short demo or example of each requirement.

Restrictions: No three-dimensional items accepted (shipping concerns)

One entry per participant.

Entries must be received by deadline date of March 20, 2019

Fees: No entry fees. Return shipping shall be the responsibility of the quilt artist.

Shipping: Entries may be shipped as directed or brought to the December 2018 or March 2019 Quarterly Membership Meeting. Return shipping shall be the responsibility of the Quilter; QCNYS will however return quilts at QCNYS meetings where that is convenient for the Quilter.

Insurance: Shipping insurance is the responsibility of the Quilter. QCNYS shall provide $500 insurance coverage for each entry from the date of receipt to the return date. Specific quilts that are valued in excess of $500 must be accompanied by a certified insurance appraisal and appropriate proof of insurance.

Judging: Shall be done by a panel of independent judges. Cash prizes will be determined by the judging. All entries shall be evaluated for technical and visual merit during the judging process. 

Information Contacts: Ann Hawkins  or Val Schultz

Entry Form:

Quilters Consortium Quilt Show Date Change

Saturday, May 19, 2018
10:00 am How to make mitered border demo by Nancy S
1:00 pm History of the Apron talk by Marcy Williams
2:30 pm Featured speaker Celeste Compion of,
Ontario, Canada on South African schweschwe fabric

Sunday, May 20, 2018
11:00 am Featured speaker Celeste Compion of,
Ontario, Canada on South African schweschwe fabric
1:00 pm Finding your own neutral by Martha Mosher
2:00pm Bed turning, Genie Barnes
3:45 pm Raffle drawings