T-Shirt Quilt Enthusiasts

Dear t-shirt quilt enthusiasts,
I just came across a wonderful site with hints on making t-shirts.  Perfect timing!  It’s 2 videos by Quilting Digest.  I think you’ll enjoy them and learn a lot.  I learned something about the interfacing that I didn’t know!  It has different stretch in each direction, just like the t-shirts.  Check out the link below.
Happy sewing!

Bus Trip to Northern Star Quilter’s Quilt Show

Greetings everyone!  East Side Quilters is once again sponsoring a bus to Northern Star Quilters’ Quilt Show, Saturday, Sat 4th.  This year the free lecture will be given by Paula Nadelstern, https://www.paulanadelstern.comand the Special Invitational Exhibit is of works by Karen Eckmeier.   http://quilted-lizard.com

I’ve attached the bus registration form that has detailed information.  Your money is due by March 29th; we have to pay the bus company 30 days prior to our trip.

Registration is now open to exhibit your quilts at this quilt show May 4th,. 
All of the information you need to register is on their website, northernstarquilters.com under “quilt show.”  
Wouldn’t it be nice to see quilts made by someone you knows  Pat P

Favorite Tools

At the December meeting members were asked to bring a favorite tool and explain it’s use and why it’s a favorite.  These were not related necessarily to quilting.  Here is the list.  There are many useful ideas!

Te:  Foam dishwashing sponge on a stick – used to apply moisturizer or even sunscreen to your back when you don’t have anyone to do it for you.

Gail C:  Blocloc Rulers https://blocloc.com. These are available at most quilt shops and online.  Fabulous for flying geese, half-square triangles and more.

Shirley S:  Rasp.  This is from the tool section of the hardware store.  Perfect in the kitchen for grating rind on citrus as well as things like nutmeg.

Connie B:  Pull-String chopper.  Sort of like a salad spinner but chops vegetables and herbs.

Vicki L:  Toilet roll.  To make center-pull balls for knitting as well as winding things on it for storage.

Sharon L:  3/8″ dowel.  Used to finger -press seams, as a stiletto, and to push out corners when turning an item.  Also, a sock with the toe cut off – great as fingerless gloves while quilting/sewing.

Cathy V:  The Purple Thang.  So many uses.  Here’s a link to a video I found with suggestions on how to use it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJNFe_qTZUo

Patty R:  Rock – used to hold down rulers and other things as a 3rd hand.

Sarah K:  Oliso iron.  Loves the iron and their product support.  https://www.oliso.com

Millie:  Tiny snag hook to get those threads that sneak through to the tops of quilts as well as fixing snags.  Also, knitting needle point protectors used at the tips of scissors and other sharp items to protect your fingers

Marquita R:  Toilet brush – used to pick up lint from the floor and rugs and you know we have lots of tiny threads that escape to the floors.