2020 Challenge Block: “The Games We Used To Play”

Participants will create a 20″ x 20: block to interpret the games played by children 50 or more years ago. (Examples: hopscotch, jacks, jump rope, tag, dodge ball, etc.)

The following rules will be observed:
1. The block must clearly illustrate at least one childhood game.
2. The block must measure exactly 20″ x 20″.
3. The block may be quilted, but does not have to be. Do not bind the block.
4. The block must contain BOTH a pieced portion and a sewn appliqué (by hand or machine) portion as a significant part of the overall design. Glued or iron-on appliqué is not permitted.
5. The block may contain 3-D items as part of the design. These items must be securely attached.
6. The block may contain juvenile fabric with children and/or games printed on it. It may be used in small amounts within the block but may not be used as the sole reference to the chosen game.

The block is due by the May meeting.