Anyone want to meet up to make 19th Century Quilts?

From Ellen Adalman – please respond to her directly if you are interested. Her info is in our membership booklet and also on the Members Only section of our website.

I read an article about the 19th Cenutry Patchwork Divas. They make miniature (and regular) quilts in the style of the 19th century. They choose that time period for their interest in history as well as the fact that each quarter of the 1800’s has its own look (pre-Civil War, Civil War, Westward Expansion/Prairie , Victorian, Baltimore). I thought it would be fun to have a miniature group to create these historic quilts. The appeal of small quilts is they can be finished in a reasonable amount of time.
Once I see if there is any interest, we can decide if we want each person to create their own quilt or do a block exchange. We would also need to agree as to when, how often ( I was thinking monthly) and where we should meet. We can miniaturize patterns or we can work from a book
( for example, Kathleen Tracy’s Civil War Doll Quilts or Prairie Doll Quilts). I am open to your ideas, So…if this sounds like something of interest to you, please contact me at