March Charm Square Notice

Fourteen charm members are signed up for the March “I Spy” charm square exchange: Armour, Boice, Carl, Conlon, Doyle, McLaughlin, McPeck, Rowell, Schlageter, Slakoper, Thorpe-Clark, Whispell, Williams, Wolff.  The guidelines are the same as in the past: prewashed, new fabric, cut into 6 ½” squares, no glitter, no selvedge, no novelty, unless specifically requested. Bring your squares in each month with your quart-size zippered bag, labeled with your name. 
As usual, anyone not signed up may still sign up for the remainder of the year or month by-month (as your interest dictates). Stop by the charm square table at the next meeting if you would like to do so. The remaining fabrics for this season are:  Apr: a solid primary color (red, yellow, or blue), May: vines, June: blue and white with star. See you in March! Any questions just email Linda Armour (her contact info is in the Members Only section or your membership booklet).