SABLE – Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy

We are not alone – this quote is from the latest issue of Embroidery News and posted with permission. I’m pretty sure everyone can relate.

Content courtesy Embroidery News by Inspirations Studios
From Issue 107, September 15, 2017

Subject: “Don’t die with the needlework still in you”

In response to your header article in Embroidery News 81, “Don’t die with the needlework still in you”, all I can say is, I shall have to live an awfully long time! I have half a room full of projects pending, and I still can’t resist that lovely piece of fabric, those gorgeous threads, that inspirational idea and all the little gewgaws that make me think “I could make something wonderful with that!” I believe there is an acronym for someone in my position – SABLE – stash acquisition beyond life expectancy.

Saying that; I could never imagine a state in which there is nothing left for me to make, so I’ll settle for one piece of needlework still in me. One last project, started of course, maybe almost finished, before I lay my needle to rest and pass peacefully on, leaving it to someone else to complete. But if I’m to get to that last project, I’ll need at least another 200 years!  Melanie Maloney, Wales UK

We love the acronym ‘SABLE’ Melanie, we haven’t heard of that one before and how apt is that for most of us! We’re pretty sure everyone has a stash of fabrics, threads, books, magazines, kits, notions, that will last well beyond our life expectancy! Thanks for sharing your confession of ‘more is never enough’.