Product Samples from the Warm Company

The Warm Company of Lynnwood, WA, with a manufacturing and distribution site in Hendersonville, NC, recently sent us a large box of samples of some of their newest products and some of our favorites, such as Warm & Natural and Warm & White batting.

In the letter that accompanied the samples, they said that last year’s low worldwide crop yield and strong demand from China caused the cost of cotton fiber to increase dramatically; at one point it more than doubled. Hence, retail prices of their Warm batting products increased as a result since they will not relax their rigid quality standards to make a cheaper product by using an inferior grade of cotton. They use only first quality cotton that is grown in the USA and has the length of fiber to be adequately intertwined with the scrim during the needlepunch process to ensure that the batting stays together for the lifetime of the quilt, and they use polyester fiber manufactured in the USA.

This is a list of their products: Warm & Natural, Warm & White, Soft & Bright, Warm Bond, Warm Blend, Soft Soft High Loft, Warm Tater (Potato Bag Batting), Insul Shine, Steam-A-Seam 2, Light Steam-A-Seam 2, Warm Fleece, Fusible Warm Fleece, Insul-Bright, and InsulFAB. You will be seeing some of these items on our raffle table in the coming months. Enjoy, and the Warm Company thanks you for your loyalty to their quality products.